Custom art glass pieces / contemporary – There are many reasons that people look to purchase art glass windows. One, they are looking to enhance the interior design aesthetics of their home  - transoms, windows, sidelights, etc. Two, they are seeking to bring color and unique art work into their home or business. Three, they are looking to restore a stained glass window or door to its former elegance. While many traditional windows utilize some type of Victorian style or shapes, others use art glass in more contemporary styling, for rich colors and stark design. We have designed and manufactured many different styles based on customer needs and wants. We have used photographs, sketches and engineering blueprints to build and construct art glass windows. Or just an idea or vision. Our initial consultations will provide you with insight into the space you are trying to decorate or the art style you would like customized. While art is largely visual, bringing that vision to reality can require creative expectations and collaboration. Most of our work in recent years has been architectural or contemporary, with nearly every piece custom designed.

 Landing windows – Aldie Glassworks specializes is large, ornate landing windows with floral or contemporary design. Many glass artists avoid complex and detailed windows, as realism is difficult utilizing traditional methods. Our landing windows utilized an exaggerated/ enlarged floral design with highly detailed borders. The windows are constructed with high end opalescent art glass that provides extraordinary color with or without sunlight. Most landing windows use faceted jewels within the borders and colors to compliment the primary floral focus. These windows can be installed as inserts into an existing frame, but work well as a free hanging art piece in a living room, family room or sunroom. Many clients have utilized their landing window as the focus of their interior design efforts and decorate to compliment the color scheme. As a free hanging piece versus an installed window, the window can be easily moved or transferred to a new home.

Window inserts – Most of our art glass panels are between 3/16” and ¼” thick. These panels can be sized to fit into the molding of an existing window (double paned sealed) and maintain the beauty of design, color and style. Some existing windows can have permanently installed spacers / dividers. If so, the art glass windows can be designed to incorporate the spacers into the design. The art glass is secured to the window with additional moldings and spacing to allow air to flow on both sides of the window (to prevent condensation from building between the windows).

Hanging / Framed windows – Our windows can also be designed to hang in front of an existing window or for larger pieces, hang from a wood frame in front of window or door. Mid-sized windows often weight 10 to 15 pounds or less, with large windows weighing 20 to 50 pounds. All of our windows have a solid oak frame or custom built hardwood frame that can be painted. 

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