Estate quality art glass windows – Our windows are designed to last 100+ years, utilizing the best materials and fabrication techniques. All of our lead came windows are reinforced with putty and for large pieces, reinforced with wood frame and iron rebar. Many people enjoy their art glass windows for decades and pass on their treasured pieces to children or family members to enjoy for many more years.

Hand-crafted art work – As a small batch studio, the vast majority of the art glass window fabrication will be conducted by the studio owner. Clients will be involved with the design and construction at each stage and are welcome to participate in glass selection (through our distributor in Chicago). Most of the work will be handled at our Leesburg studio and, due to limited space, only one or two pieces will be under production at any time. Upon completion, windows may be displayed in the main floor  art gallery before installation or transportation. If the window is a gift or surprise for loved one, the artist/ owner will be available for presentation. 

High quality materials – As in most products that are manufactured or produced, different levels of quality can impact the structure and/or impact of elements to an art glass window (weather, children, pets, etc.). We utilize high quality material manufactured in the USA and Germany, including high end art glass from PA, OR, WA, IL and MN studios. Some of the art glass sheets are one of a kind and require significant skill to cut and shape without possible breakage or scratching.

Work with your interior designer – If you have a relationship with an interior designer, we will work with them on art glass styles, colors, placement and installations. Many interior designers utilize classic and simple styling for transoms and windows to accent or compliment the overall design / layout of a room or home. We recommend bringing them into the process early on, so that they can provide input and direction into the commission work. Additionally, if multiple rooms are involved, many designers will seek to incorporate color schemes and style elements to flow throughout the space. 

Installation – All installations are outsourced to a trusted carpenter or mill work professional, to ensure high quality molding work and cabinetry. The artist/ owner may accompany the installer to ensure proper alignment in the window / frame, as well as to clean the piece on installation

Final thoughts on art glass windows – Our projects and commissions are considered “custom art panel” purchases and subject to final sale upon delivery. Over time, glass pieces can crack or break, due to objects hitting the window or due to fluctuations in temperature or air pressure. Most windows with 200+ pieces of glass can have a piece or two develop minor stress crack over time. While the initial response is to have the piece replaced immediately, repairs can lead to additional breakage and require longer repair time/ cost. Repairs cannot be made while the window is installed and require the window to be brought to the studio for proper restoration. We will offer recommendations on glass repair / replacement if they happen (largely depending on the situation or damage), but often recommend assessing the situation and leaving the window in place. If the panel is damaged during installation, we will repair and reinstall at no cost. 

 Estate Quality Art Glass Creations

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