Transoms – Transoms are horizontal narrow windows about primary windows in a residential home. Usually, they are built in first floor layout and combined with high ceilings to add more light and architectural features to a room. They can be as narrow as a single window or span across two or three patio doors leading to a deck or porch. Most transom pieces are built as inserts and are installed in the interior of the window. Designs are usually simple and bevels / bevel clusters are an ideal feature. Often, the same design is carried through to multiple rooms and creates a very polished & sophisticated look. Color can be added through the art glass or using faceted jewels.

Sidelights – Sidelights are long narrow windows on one or two sides of an entry door or patio door. They service to allow more light into the home entry are, as well as to look out to the porch or entryway to the home (dogs and cats always seem to love looking out of sidelights). Many builders use sidelights with leaded or brass designs, sometimes using bevels or color (these are mass produced by the door and window manufacturer). Sidelights can be customized as permanent windows or built as inserts. Many different types of designs can be utilized, though simple classic pieces often work the best.

Cabinets and bookcases – There are many built-in bookcases and cabinets throughout the River Creek community by the original builders. Many are situated in basements and family rooms to compliment a fireplace or add character to the room. Cabinet doors can be built-ins in living rooms and offices. Adding custom glass doors can create a showcase for art work or to provide a very sophisticated setting for interior design. Most of the doors will be functional and utilized glass shelving and custom paint. Aldie Glassworks works with local carpenters and custom millwork companies to provide installation and/or enhance the woodwork around the art glass panels.

French doors – These are usually interior doors that lead to an office, dining room and bedroom (though exterior doors can be customized using inserts or overlays). While doors can result in closing off the room and making it a more isolated space, French doors with art glass panels can create additional light, dimension and sophistication to the space. The doors are usually built as functional, but can be created as a backdrop to exterior windows.

 Window inserts – Custom window inserts are popular for unique spaces or as a centerpiece for a room (often a family room of office). Many large window clusters in family rooms will utilize an art glass window around the border or in the center window. Classics designs and bevel clusters often work best for these commissions, though adding color through the border can provide a beautiful result. Since the art glass is installed on the interior frame of the window, sunlight can provide a breathtaking backdrop to the windows. We often build these window inserts utilizing bevel clusters and clear glass with maximum distortion. This can provide additional dimension to the window throughout the day and backlit in the evening.

Room dividers / custom architecture – Unique spaces or cut outs can be good candidates for an art glass panel, especially if installed and viewable from either room. These can be large vertical windows, half rounds windows or interior transoms. Adding a color theme or color accents can enhance design efforts and incorporate overall design presentation.

Restoration – Many windows and doors fabricated prior to 1950, windows exposed to weather elements or windows with large heavy glass may require restoration. Many windows permanently installed will have lead came deterioration, usually caused by lower quality materials or lack of putty between the glass and lead channels. Additionally, gravity forces on larger pieces of glass can cause the window to bow severely (if glass is missing, the entire window can break down fairly quickly. Restoration commissions can be very time consuming and one should carefully weigh the value to the window with the costs of renovation


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